Oriental Frill Pigeon ( Orientalisches Mövchen )

Head: Large, rounded, full fronted, high, broad and well arched, forming a continuous unbroken curve from the tip of the beak up over the forehead then back over the skull to the peak of the crest. Well filled in between the eye and beak, showing no flatness of crown.

Cheeks: Full and chubby.

Beak: Short, thick, wide at gape, upper mandible well curved downward, forming continuation of curve of skull. Lower mandible, stout, meeting and supporting the upper, both being of equal substance. The line between the mandibles must be straight, and so that if the line were continued backward it would run through the center of the eye.

Beak Wattle: Small, heart shaped and fine in texture. Smooth and showing no break when viewed in profile.

Eye and Eye Cere: Eye large, bright and prominent, the cere fine and neat in texture.

Peak: Needle pointed, upright and central, rising above a well defined mane and as high as possible.

Gullet: Well developed and full under the jowl.

Neck: Thick, broad at base, well arched mane.

Frill: As much as possible well covering chest.

Flights and Tail: Short and flights carried compactly over the tail.

Legs and Feet: Moderate length, grouse muffed, the feathers continuing to the toe nails, covering the shanks and feet (except Domino).

Body and Shape: Size, medium, compact, round rather short than otherwise, with full wide chest.

Carriage: Erect and alert.

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